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India: Gurdaspur District Administration held meeting to prepare for Qadian Jalsa Salana

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | US Desk
AT/TOA News | By Ch. Maqbool Ahmad | November 25, 2016

The Gurdaspur District Administration held a meeting here in Qadian today with the local district officials to start preparation for the annual international event that attracts attendees from around the world to Qadian.

The meeting was held at Ahmadiyya Headquarter under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner (D.C.) Pardip Sabharwal.

This year, the three days 125th International Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention), to be held at Ahmadiyya Grounds near Nangal Baghbana, will commence from December 26th.

D.C. Sabharwal issued orders to the various departments regarding their responsibilities and duties for the welfare of the Jalsa Salana participants.

From the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mohammad Nasim Khan, Secretary General Affairs, Shoib Ahmad, Officer Jalsa Salana, and Chaudhry Abdul Wasay participated in the meeting.

Jathedar Sewa Singh Sekhwan, MLA and Education minister of Punjab, was also present there.


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India: Congress divided over Bajwa’s `no ticket to turncoats’ stance


By Vibhor Mohan | November 10, 2016 | The Times of India

CHANDIGARH: Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Partap Singh Bajwa’s statement that turncoats joining the party should not be given assembly election tickets has divided the party’s Punjab unit.

While loyalists of Punjab Congress Captain Amarinder Singh urged Bajwa to refrain from interfering in matters that are the “party leadership’s privilege”, those backing him pointed out that he had only reiterated a resolution adopted by the All India Congress Committee (AICC).

Punjab Congress leaders Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Sukhbinder Singh Sukh Sarkaria and Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa “lambasted” Bajwa for his remarks on ticket allocation. Batala MLA and Congress secretary Ashwani Sekhri, Qadian MLA Charanjit Kaur Bajwa and Inderjit Singh Randhawa, a permanent invitee of the PPCC, came in Bajwa’s defence. “Bajwa had no business meddling in ticket-related matters and should concentrate on his work. As a seasoned politician, he should know where to draw the line,” they said. “He should stick to his pri mary task of nurturing his constituency and helping take the Punjab Congress’s campaign instead of indulging in issuing statements on matters that are beyond the realm of his pro file,” said the statement.


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Pakistan: Eight-year-old Christian boy, mother released after blasphemy arrests

By AT/TOA | The Times of Ahmad

An eight-year-old Christian boy and his mother have beens freed after blasphemy charges were leveled against the pair in Quetta Pakistan.

The boy, Izhan and his mother, Shakil, a nurse, were both accused of burning pages of the Quran in the city of Quetta last week, according to news website Premier (

While jailed both Christian and Muslim politicians campaigned for their release, Premier further reported.

The matter was resolved one day later with the blasphemy accusations quashed.

This is not the first time that a child was charged with a blasphemy offence and that this boy, according to Christian rights activists, “may have never have even heard of the word blasphemy”.

A boy aged 12 was charged for blasphemy in 1993, a crime it was later determined he had not committed. Similarly, in 2011, a 13-year-old Christian girl was accused of blasphemy by her Muslim teacher for misspelling.

“Unfortunately, this is the worst example of hatred and intolerance against Christians and treatment towards them in Pakistan,” said a minority rights activist, Nasir Saeed, according to various press statement.

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– Pakistan: Eight-year-old Christian boy, mother released after blasphemy arrests

India: MLA report card — Charanjit Kaur Bajwa from Qadian, Punjab


By Harkirat Singh and Aseem Bassi | Hindustan Times
Posted October 23, 2016

Charanjit Kaur Bajwa, 58, Congress

Constituency: Qadian
Education: Graduate
Assets declared in last polls: Rs 17.9 cr
Electoral record
2012: Defeated Sewa Singh Sekhwan of the SAD by a margin of 16,156 votes
2007: She did not contest; Lakhbir Singh Lodhinangal of SAD won this seat
Assembly record:
Questions asked: 47
Call attention moved: 0

Power punch: Wife of RS MP and state Cong ex-chief Partap Bajwa
What next: She or her son would contest; Partap Bajwa to decide

How she performed

Being a Congress MLA, she could not manage to bring any major development project from the state government for her constituency. Her only help came from the MPLAD fund of her husband Partap Singh Bajwa who was Lok Sabha MP from Gurdaspur till 2014 and is now in the Rajya Sabha. As Gurdaspur district Congress committee was dominated by those opposed to her husband, she kept away from protests that party colleagues organised at the district level. However, she did protest, through a letter to the CM, about working of the Akali halqa in-charge Sewa Singh Sekhwan and distribution of funds. She complained about not being invited to government functions where again Sekhwan, whom she had defeated, was given prominence.

By the way: Runs NGO and projects for women

“Whatever development took place was done by the SAD and its halqa in-charge Sewa Singh Sekhwan (whom Charanjit had defeated). She was rarely seen in the area,” Sangram Chaudhary, 30, rice miller, said.

“She was never in touch with voters. Now, Congress leaders are coming here after lying low for four years. The constituency lacks basic infrastructure and facilities of health,” Jagandeep Singh, 28, businessman, said.


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India: 37th Annual Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim elders concludes in Qadian

Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori addressed the Ijteman participants also, advising the member to always follow the directives of the Khalifa of Islam.

By Ch. Maqbool Ahmad | October 23, 2016

Qadian: The 3-day 37th National Ijtema of the Ahamadiyya Muslim Elders Association, Majlis Ansarullah Bharat, concluded here in Qadian.

The concluding session, presided over by Chief Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Bharat, Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori, was held at the T.I. Senior Secondary School Grounds near Sarae Tahir.

National President Majlis Ansarullah Bharat, Zainuddin Hamid were also present on the stage.

After the Recitation of the Holy Quran, and pledge for Loyalty with Islam-Ahmadiyyat and Caliphate, Zainuddin Hamid thanked the Ijtema participants and volunteers for making the Ijtema successful and appreciated the local administration for their co-operation.

Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori addressed the Ijteman participants also, advising the member to always follow the directives of the Khalifa of Islam.


Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori awarded Ialm-e Ina’ami to Majlis Ansarullah Qadian which stood first among Indian chapters for their excellent work for their organization and membership.

Maulana Mazhar Ahmad Waseem received the trophy and Majlis Flag with his team from Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori.

Prizes were distributed also to the players and other elders who took any of the topt three positions in the various competitions held by Majlis Ansarullah Bharat.

The session was concluded with silent prayers.

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