India: Gurdaspur District Administration held meeting to prepare for Qadian Jalsa Salana

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AT/TOA News | By Ch. Maqbool Ahmad | November 25, 2016

The Gurdaspur District Administration held a meeting here in Qadian today with the local district officials to start preparation for the annual international event that attracts attendees from around the world to Qadian.

The meeting was held at Ahmadiyya Headquarter under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner (D.C.) Pardip Sabharwal.

This year, the three days 125th International Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention), to be held at Ahmadiyya Grounds near Nangal Baghbana, will commence from December 26th.

D.C. Sabharwal issued orders to the various departments regarding their responsibilities and duties for the welfare of the Jalsa Salana participants.

From the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mohammad Nasim Khan, Secretary General Affairs, Shoib Ahmad, Officer Jalsa Salana, and Chaudhry Abdul Wasay participated in the meeting.

Jathedar Sewa Singh Sekhwan, MLA and Education minister of Punjab, was also present there.


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